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Counseling, Testing, and Referral (CTR)

HIV Testing:

Clearview Complete HIV Testing is Free and Confidential; Results are provided in 20 minutes.  This test is analyzed from a fingerstick (blood) sample.

Interpretation of Test Results:

NEGATIVE NON/REACTIVE- This result means that antibodies were not detected in your blood at the time of testing. However, this does not completely rule out the possibility of infection with HIV, if you may have come in contact with blood, semen, vaginal fluids, or breast milk of an infected person with-in the last 3 months.

REACTIVE- This result means that HIV antibodies have been detected in the Specimen.  However, a result can not be confirmed POSITIVE until a confirmatory test has been administered and analyzed through a laboratory.

HIV/STD Education:

Health educators provide HIV/AIDS education to a group and individuals at schools, correctional facilities, health fairs, seminars and homes throughout the Orlando area.  The education presented is delivered through the method of “interventions” that have been proven effective through years of research and studies that shows positive behavioral change and/or health outcomes.  These interventions focus on transmission of HIV/STDs, risk-reduction behaviors, effective communication, and condom use.

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